5 Most Common Rules to Wearing Statement Jewelry

When it comes to “what women love,” jewelry rules the roost. It is what makes women feel special. It is what women crave and it is the perfect way to give life to your outfits. Statement Jewelry – especially if worn correctly, following the rules of wearing them – helps you look bold, striking and attention grabbing.

So what exactly are these rules to wearing statement jewelry? We will discuss some of the most common rules today.

1. Keep It Simple

Be it jewelry or accessories or even outfits, the key to standing out from the crowd is to keep it simple. Large statement jewelry is best worn on simply designed outfits, instead of busy dresses.
They allow you to enhance your appearance while displaying the dress and the jewelry equally.

Therefore, avoid sequins, embellished clothing while wearing striking accessories. For bold colors like black or red, a couple of pieces would be perfect whereas for casual jeans / t-shirts, you can try something more fashionable and colorful.

2. Balance It Out

Wearing bold statement jewelry requires you to maintain balance between the jewelry and the dress. A quick tip to balance out these elements is to start with the jewelry first and then get onto picking the dress instead of going the other way round. You can also style a few fashion accessories along with statement jewelry to balance your overall look.

3. Make Sure the Statement Jewelry is Welcoming with the Neckline

How a statement necklace will appear depends a lot on what your neckline is. Necklines – be it strapless or scoop neck or v-neck  – are important in bringing the desired look of the statement jewelry. If you use bold pieces you could avoid collared or halter necks since they could both become uncomplimentary to each other. Also, make sure the statement necklace also has either contrasting or matching colors to the dress to keep the chic look and to do justice to your outfit.

4. Don’t Forget Your Hands

Many women tend to ignore their hands and fingers while wearing statement jewelry and that’s a big mistake. Flaunting gorgeous jewelry on your hands could actually complete your look, especially since hands along with facial expressions are used during communication to grab eye attention. So it only makes sense to have a statement ring or a bracelet that compliments your style, dress and outfit. The bigger, the brighter the hand jewelry, the better it would be for your appearance.

5. Complete It with Perfect Earrings

Earrings, in my opinion complete the look. While necklaces look ideal on statement dress, a pair of stunning earrings can catch the eye. Statement earrings are gorgeous, ornate and are extremely important therefore choosing a wrong one could ruin the entire show. However, it should go well with the hair style, dress type and dress color, and of course other jewelry that you wear etc.

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