The Ring Madam's Story

Welcome to The Ring Madam,

There are jewelry stores, many of them. But there are very few with the passion to provide women with fashion jewelry that suits them and even fewer with both passion and relevant experience in the industry. The Ring Madam – we believe – falls in the latter.


Before we launched our online store, we started as an offline venture in October 2003 in open air European markets, and sold jewelry / accessories directly to consumers one-to-one, at fundraisers and even home parties in Arizona.

After buying for 2 major US department stores, NY buying offices, and working with direct importers from overseas, The Ring Madam (Mel) saw an opportunity to meet the needs of an under served market. Viola, was born.

Not only that, she also realized women deserve the best-in-class jewelry designs and recognized the need for a one-stop-shop where women could buy stylish, trendy and gorgeous jewelry and accessories – without any hassles. So the online store makes it convenient for The Ring Madam as well as for the buyers.

Unlike many other stores, The Ring Madam is not a ‘me-too’ store that operates from China. All the products listed are distributed from the United States.

What Makes Us Different from the Others

What sets The Ring Madam apart from the rest, is that it offers only high quality fashion jewelry, and its diverse looks from classic to trend at the best prices. Items are hand selected so the customer is not overwhelmed by duplication and styles. Plus, all distribution is from the US for quality control, quick turn around and direct communication.


The Ring Madam (Melissa)

Melissa began her entrepreneurial journey in the early 1990’s in retail and merchandising sector. From there she got into the jewelry business and there was absolutely no looking back ever since. Passion towards jewelry and accessories is what drives her in her business, and she wears several hats on a day-to-day basis to provide womens jewelry that connects with their taste.

Her nearly 30 years of experience and interest in gorgeous designs, textures, workmanship, etc. led her to sell long-lasting items to hundreds and thousands of customers over all these years.

Happy Shopping,